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5 Songs You MUST Listen to When Anxiety Strikes

So you’re having an anxious moment.

You’re fighting just to keep your head above water. Your hands are tingly; your mind is racing; and sanity seems miles away.

Hey friend, it will get better. But in the meantime, you’ve got to throw yourself into something positive.

Why not cue up some positive tunes?

Survivor-Eye of the Tiger

We all make fun of the eighties. However, this is truly one of the most inspiring songs of all time. The key words in this song are “rising up.”

You can — and will — rise above it. That said, you’ve got to BELIEVE that beating anxiety is possible. Do you believe in yourself?


Christina Aguilera-Beautiful

There’s truth to the words “I am beautiful.” You ARE beautiful.

So what if you’ve got anxiety! We’ve all got something. Anxiety isn’t who you are. It’s just something that you struggle with.

Don’t let your own words bring you down. Fight for your right to be happy. The more you accept yourself, the closer you are to living the life you’ve always dreamed of.

Idina Menzel-Defying Gravity

If you haven’t seen Wicked, you’re definitely missing out. This is the ultimate tale of acceptance, triumph and defying limits.

Go ahead, take the leap. You’ve got this-WITH anxiety in tow. Anxiety will only pull you down if you allow it to.  You can defy gravity, but you have to believe in YOU.

Rascal Flatts-Stand

We all feel alone and helpless at times. However, as this song says, “you’ll be alright.” And you will be alright.

Stand up and get back in the game. It might not feel like it now, but you’ll be OK. Take what you’re made of and keep pushing forward.

Anxiety won’t kill you. In fact, it will make you stronger.

Garth Brooks-Unanswered Prayers

If you think about it, anxiety often centers about control. But the truth is that we can’t control everything in life.

I don’t usually talk about my faith, but I’m going to today. Quite frankly, you’ve got to give it up to the man upstairs. Some prayers will be answered; and some won’t.  That all depends on the divine plan.

Change what you can; accept the rest; and give it up to your higher power. He’s got this handled. You just might not see it right now.


-Anxiety Girl


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