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Anxiety Lessons From Fido

Think you can’t learn something from your favorite furry friend? Think again.

It’s that time of year when storms rip through the Midwest. During our latest thunder boomer, I realized something pretty amazing about my cherished poodle.

When a storm occurs, she shakes like a leaf. She feels every bit of anxiety that I feel. But then a very important shift occurs.

Rather than hanging onto anxiety, she allows the moment to arise — and then fade away. It’s like the storm itself.

Intense. Terrifying. Insurmountable.

However, once that moment ends, she gets back to life as she knows it. She plays, romps and even smiles. (I swear she does, but my friends would beg to differ.)

You see, we can learn some pretty cool life lessons from dogs. They don’t hang on to the yucky stuff.

Sure, they feel it.

However, scary moments don’t stick around for the long haul. Once that moment subsides, they’re on to the next thing.

Now this isn’t to say that we shouldn’t deal with our “stuff.” We should. But how we deal with it is a choice.

We can hang on to the storm; or we can live in the moment. Yes, the memory of the storm will always be there. However, we’ve got some pretty important things to accomplish in the meantime.

I’m learning more and more about this lesson ever single day. If you’ve been reading my posts, you know that I recently got “the big D.” In short, I got dumped.

Is it a real bummer? Absolutely. To be honest, my heart is in shreds.

There are times during the day when the pain is so intense that I simply don’t know how I’ll get through it.

I miss him. I miss his two amazing little girls. And I miss our life together.

But with each wave of pain, I get a little stronger. It’s like cramps. They’re intense in the moment, and then they pass.

I miss Mike more than I can put in words. My life simply isn’t the same. But I’ve got to live it.

I go out with my friends. I’ve been asked out on dates. And I am working my tail off.

This is life. No one said it was easy, right?

So next time anxiety steals the show, remember this term: Anxiety Lessons From Dogs.

Look around at your favorite furry friends. How would they handle anxious moments? Would they ruminate?


They’d accept anxiety for what it is. It’s the hand of cards we’ve been dealt. ¬†They’d experience it and then let it go.

At the end of the day, anxiety is what it is. It’s a pain in the neck, but it’s a part of our lives. Just remember those anxiety lessons from dogs.

Shake, bark, and then wag your tail. This too shall pass — at least that’s what my poodle tells me.

-Anxiety Girl


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