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Are Gut Health and Anxiety Linked? Why Researchers Say the Answer Might Be Yes…

It’s no secret that gut health has become a hot topic on the medical scene. In fact, experts say that gut health is linked to lowered risks of cancer, heart disease, and even obesity.

But what about anxiety?

It sounds far fetched to link the state of bacteria in our gut  to anxiety management, but researchers in the United Kingdom have done just that. In a study of 45 subjects, study authors found that a prebiotic called B-GOS may actually lower salivary cortisol levels.

To break it down simply, cortisol is a hormone linked to the “fight or flight” response in the body.  As Psychology Today notes, once your body releases this anxiety activator, it kicks into a state of frenzy. Really, it’s an anxiety sufferer’s worst nightmare.

Mindfulness, meditation and exercise have been thought of as the front runners in terms of cortisol reduction. When we relax our bodies, the fight or flight frenzy reverses itself. But this research may pave the way for a future method of anxiety management when it comes to keeping cortisol levels in check.

So just what did these genius researchers find?

The researchers concluded that study subjects processed information more productively and demonstrated lower levels of cortisol when B-GOS was ingested.

We’re going to keep researching this topic to keep you informed. Stay tuned.





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