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Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway: An Interview With Mark Jeffers

The late Susan Jeffers changed the landscape of self-help books with the legendary  Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway.  Her husband, Mark, now spearheads her legacy.

We caught up with Mark to find out just what makes Susan’s work so memorable.

What makes Susan’s work so powerful?

Susan’s work is so powerful because she strived to ensure that it was accessible to everyone.  She wanted it to be practical and she loved to provide tools for people to use every day to help them improve their lives. Her mission was to help everyone deal with their anxiety by boosting self-confidence and showing that there are always ways to handle everything that life throws at us.

What makes Susan so memorable throughout the years?

Susan used her own experiences of life to inspire and motivate her readers. She was probably one of the first self-help authors to do this.  She spoke openly about everything in her life – raising her children, her divorce, her bout with breast cancer and her relationships before she re-married.  She realized that it was not only the major issues that confront us in life but also the little ones that can cause fear and anxiety.

What is the biggest life lesson that Susan taught you?

Susan taught me so many life lessons. I use her advice and guidance regularly every day.  One of the first things she taught me when she came to live with me in London in the early 1980’s was that you have to give in order to get.  What she meant was that if you don’t open up to others, you are not going to receive any feedback or response from someone with a similar open mind.  This was good advice for a reticent Brit, who did not stay reticent for too long thereafter!  Another important life lesson is to constantly acknowledge people for how they have helped you.  This is particularly important in a relationship, and something that Susan and I practiced throughout our marriage.

If Susan was here today, what advice do you think she would want to give those who struggle with anxiety and feel like they just can’t get past it?

We don’t have to wonder because Susan left all of her thoughts with us through Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway. Her heartfelt advice for those dealing with anxiety and fear is succinctly captured in the pages of this book, and it has been a lifesaver for millions of people around the world.  Whether it be using affirmations on a daily basis, handling the inner chatterbox, creating a grid of life, or learning how to make a no-lose decision, these and many other of Susan’s tools if used regularly would be the best panacea for handling anxiety and fear.

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