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Is the News Making You Crazy? (You’ll Want to Read This One.)

Today, I woke up anxious. Surprising, right? (Hope you detect the note of humor there.)

As I was reading the news this morning, I felt an unsettling sort of panic. To be honest, I felt out of control.

“Am I nuts?” I thought. “The news is supposed to be an informative way to start the day.” 

(Side Note: Remember that I was a journalist, so I’m not knocking the news. I spent quite a lot of time reporting it.)

Then, as I stepped back from the situation, I realized that this isn’t crazy at all. In fact, it’s pretty normal.

The news can truly make you feel nuts.

We live in a competitive, chaotic, crazy world. Of course we need to know what’s going on. However, the news pelts us with terrifying truths all day long.

We hear about death, disaster, distrust, and danger. Over and over.

So I decided to engage in a little project with the hope of finding some sort of peace. I was going to look for happy news.

I went to CNN and began surfing the headlines.

Of course, the first picture was a disturbing image of Clinton and Trump. Face to face in a standoff.

It made me nervous.

The rest of the headlines were about ISIS, political strategy, dead bodies, past politicians, pot, and the death of Janet Reno.

Finally, after scrolling for what seemed like an eternity, I found an SNL clip about the elections and an article about a freight train terminal that had been turned into a “green oasis.”

That’s all I could find. 🙁

Then I went to Fox News. More election stuff.

(That in itself makes me anxious because I still haven’t made a decision on which candidate I will vote for. I’m not a fan of either. Sorry for the blatant honesty.)

As I scrolled down, I saw a picture of a Craigslist killer. My stomach dropped. 

What I learned in this little experiment is that it can be tough to find positive news.

Yes, I want to be aware of the comings and goings of the world. I’m into current events.

However, there must be a way to learn the news without having panic set in.

Let’s face it-seeing a picture of a murderer just before a crime is committed is, well, scary!

 So I Googled something I’d never looked up before. POSITIVE NEWS.

I came across something so cool that I had to share. It’s called the Good News Network.

39397443 - life style and people concept: good news! young bearded man holding hand near mouth and shouting while standing against white background.

The headlines were refreshing.

“Grieving Man Can Sleep Again After Girl Reaches Out In Grocery Store”

“Girl Hailed for Using Google Translate to Befriend New Student”


“Watch Miracle Dog Rescued After Being Buried in Earthquake Rubble”

OK, so this isn’t always breaking news (minus the adorable dog story). But it is news.

The moral of the story is that perhaps we should consider combining a mix of “breaking news” and positive news.

There are thousands of wonderful sites to surf just before or after reading the headlines.

Huff Post has a “Good News” section. ABC News has a positive news section. Fox News Insider even has a section dedicated to uplifting news stories.

(P.S. We didn’t forget about you, CNN. We LOVE your posts on New Day!)

The moral of the story is that news isn’t just scary. Sure, you may have to dig a little deeper. But you can combine the breaking news with tales of heroism and happiness.

So next time the day’s headlines give you anxiety, I encourage you to throw a little sugar in the mix. Check out the positive news sites we just told you about.

Spice it up. You’ll be glad you did!

-Anxiety Girl







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