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Let’s Try It Too: The Random Acts of Kindness Exercise

Remember that study that we  told you that showed that random acts of kindness may decrease social anxiety?

Now we’re inspired to get in the kindness groove.

Following are 10 small kindness exercises. Pick one and give it a try. Then let us know how it went.

1.  Thank someone just because. (Think out of the box.  This could be that super cool barista who makes your morning coffee, or your mom/spouse/brother/sister/favorite cashier.)

2. Do a “pay it forward.” (Pay it forwards rock. A pay it forward is when you anonymously pay for someone. For example, you could pay for the coffee of the person in line behind you in the drive thru. Just make sure you know what you’re getting into! Ask the cashier what they ordered FIRST.)

3. Open the door for someone who’s kind of far away-and wait. (There’s nothing more awesome than when you’re leaving the store with your hands full and someone holds the door and waits. You’ll truly make someone’s day.)

4. Volunteer. (Volunteering not only makes others feel good, it makes YOU feel good too. Find a charity you love and give of your time. You’ll be glad you did.)

5.  Mow your neighbor’s lawn when they least expect it. (With summer in full swing, lawns get out of control quickly. If your neighbor doesn’t have a lawn service, consider mowing for them. What a surprise!)

6. Send out a “just because” card. (Who doesn’t love to get a card for no reason? Find that perfect card for someone you adore and drop it in the mail.)

7. Carry groceries for an elderly shopper. (Elderly shoppers struggle. And too often, this goes unnoticed. Next time you’re at the store, offer to carry groceries. You’ll make life a lot easier for someone in need.)

8. Offer to babysit. (We all know someone with small kids who needs a special night out. Offer to stay in so they can get footloose and fancy free.  Who knows…you might have a blast too.)

9. Bring ice cream to an unsuspecting friend. (Ice cream is the best on warm summer days.  Pick up your fave sweet treat and drop it off for a special surprise.)

10. Send out a “thank you” text. (In this digital day and age, life is not limited to snail mail. If you don’t have time to send out a card, consider sending a text.  Thank someone who just might need a boost.)



4 Comments on Let’s Try It Too: The Random Acts of Kindness Exercise

  1. Love to pay it forward and I try to do that once a month. I am always trying to make someone’s day. Even by a simple smile.

  2. Thank you text-done.

  3. I’d never heard of a pay it forward. I’m going to do this this weekend. Thank you!

  4. Thank you. Well done.

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