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The 10 Positives You Need to Uncover (Part 3: Why You’re NOT Your Anxiety)

Can uncovering 10 positives about your life change your perspective about anxiety?

The answer is yes. In fact, make that a double yes.

I love ME. No really, I do! And there’s a way that I uncover my love for myself every single day-with anxiety in tow.

(I’m laughing as I type this because it sounds absurd.)

To make a long story short, I was talking to my new friend “Mommyopoly” about this blog series.  You’ll meet her soon. She’s going to guest post.

She’s a great mom with a bright, infectious attitude. Positive person. The kind of dame who could take the world by storm.

This girl’s got that “je ne sais quois.”

In a Facebook chat, she says to me: “Too often, I feel like my anxiety is so much a part of me that it defines who I am.”

We all struggle to keep anxiety from defining us. In fact, I can’t stress this enough.

But why?

The truth of the matter is that anxiety is a constant battle. It’s like being lost in the woods with no GPS. You run around in circles with no end in sight.

As the battle with anxiety goes on, it takes a massive toll on self-esteem.

You feel like a dented can on a forgotten shelf. Damaged and unfit.

Guess what? I’ve got news for you. YOU ARE NOT YOUR ANXIETY. Period.

When I struggle with this concept, I have found that a simple exercise can completely change my perspective.

In fact, it’s so easy that you can do it every single day.

You can do it in the morning, at lunch, and even before bed.

Sorry guys, I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking about changing focus from the negative to the positive.

All you have to do is take the time to find 10 positives about yourself and your life. 

At first, you might find this exerise to be difficult. In fact, you might not know where to start.

Your mind will probably want to go to every single thing that hasn’t gone your way. You might even ruminate on anxiety itself.

This is when I change my environment. Don’t laugh at me. But I listen to Meghan Trainor.

Go ahead, try it! Dance a little. Expend some energy.

If that’s not your style, give a listen to Billy Idol.  (Side Note: Billy Idol was my first bad boy crush. That crap always gets me in trouble. Grrr…Exactly what hooked me on that famous ex of mine.)

Still not satisfied? You can even try a little Pink.

The point of the conclusion to this series of posts goes back to yours truly.

If you don’t make it a priority to find the positives in your life, you probably won’t. Instead, you’ll stay stuck.

So get out your journal or pull up a notetaking app. Listen to POSITIVE songs, take a walk, talk to your best friend. Do what you need to do to focus on the positives about you.

Then take the time to write down 10 positives about your life every single day for a week.

It could be as simple as the kindness you show the barrista at Starbucks. It might be the fact that you are funny. It could be that you are loyal, a good listener, or always willing to help others. It might even be that you are having a good hair day.

(I’m not. But I hope you are!)

The point is that you CAN use positive thinking to change your frame of mind.

Go ahead, give this exercise a try. It has completely changed my life — and I think it just might change yours too.

-Anxiety Girl

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