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Meet the Ever-Empowering Jodi Aman

Meet Jodi Aman, author of the awesomely inspiring "You 1, Anxiety 0." (Photo courtesy of the author.)


Think your anxiety is worse than the rest of us? Think it’s an untamable beast? Feel like giving up?

Please DON’T until you read the book I’m about to tell you about.


When it comes to movers and shakers of the anxiety world, Jodi Aman is a name you need to know.  In fact, the words in You 1, Anxiety 0 just might change your life.

(If I had to give this book a rating on a one to 10 scale, I’d give it an 11. I feel THAT strongly about it.)

You see, Aman isn’t your run of the mill therapist-turned author. To put it simply, Jodi Aman GETS IT (and then some). She takes the power out of anxiety and gives it back to yours truly.

But why — and more importantly, how?

I first began following Jodi Aman’s endeavors through your comments. Quite frankly, I can’t get enough of her online messages. Her upbeat attitude about an otherwise dark subject is a breath of fresh air in a cloud of chaos.

You see, Aman once suffered from anxiety… just like us.  And in the process, a need to help others with anxiety was established.

In a nutshell, here’s her story.

Like many anxiety sufferers, Aman initially encountered anxiety as a child. In fact, her first experience with anxiety grew out of a simple conversation on the way home from a father/daughter bonding event.

The dialogue she had with her father on a cold February evening at the age of five would change life as she knew it. And again, like many of us, her first bout with anxiety centered around death.

A back and forth discussion about the history of American presidents prompted Aman to ask her father where the presidents are now. Typical childhood question, right?

“They’re dead,” her father uttered. In turn, Aman asked what “DEAD” means.  That’s another natural question that any child would ask.

“I was still so happy and joyful and oblivious,” she tells me in our January 2017 interview. “He got very nervous. His neck got really long and he said ‘dead means you’re not alive anymore.’”

At that very moment in time, Aman learned the definition of insecurity. This terrifying reality would set the stage for her battle with “The Big A.”

“He taught me that it was something to be afraid of. I had no more security. If security could be taken…I saw the world as a place that will have inevitable suffering,” she notes.

As the years unfolded, anxiety became a large part of Aman’s life. (Again, just like us.)

“That idea was so scary to me that I just began to panic. I had heightened anxiety, rapid thoughts and panic attacks for months,” she adds. “For the next 20 years, anxiety was in the driver’s seat a lot — and chased me.”

Aman did exactly what most of us do. She tried to evade the beast.

“I ran away from it the best I could, but it was over my shoulder terrifying me,” she says.

Like many who suffer from anxiety, Aman went on to become a therapist. However, her philosophy on anxiety would become much different than the philosophies of other experts.

The reason for this is fascinating.  Aman didn’t just challenge “The Big A.” She literally cured herself of it. And she believes that you can cure yourself too.

“I did cure myself of it…and as a therapist I help others,” she tells me.

As I hear the word “cure,” a sense of relief washes over me. It makes me realize that anxiety isn’t an endless battle. There can be an end to the suffering.

Aman’s keen wisdom comes down to a simple concept that many of us forget. We CAN experience happiness. The power is within us, no matter how badly we are entwined in the throes of anxiety.

In You 1, Anxiety 0 (an all-out page turner), Aman breaks anxiety down into 15 false beliefs that we should all be aware of.  Best of all, she does this clearly and with purpose.

“It’s different from other books in that it doesn’t just teach you to calm down,” she says. “It shows you all the lies so that you can see them a mile away and they don’t take you over.”

Another important concept that Aman stresses is the need to take it easy on yourself.  The truth of the matter is that we’re our own worst enemy. Unfortunately, we seem to forget this concept.

“I talk a lot about self-forgiveness because shame is the fuel for anxiety,” she notes.  “If we feel bad about ourselves or we don’t think we’re good enough, we don’t think we can handle anything.”

In short, Aman believes that compassion is the key to ending self-judgement about anxiety. Consequently, she encourages readers to create affirmations to replace self-defeating thoughts that fuel anxiety.

She also understands that the cure for anxiety isn’t a one-size fits all concept. As a voice for anxiety sufferers, I can’t thank her enough for stepping up to the plate with this one. Anxiety management really is a combination of many differing strategies that aren’t the same for all of us.

“There are lots of ways to get rid of it,” she explains. “We can try one, and if that doesn’t work, we can try another. Don’t worry. You’re not going to be like this forever.”

What a relief, right?

“Anxiety is rigid, but you have to be flexible in life,” she empathetically adds. “If you defend your limitations you will keep them. I just keep inviting people to see a different way — and if you want to you can.”

I quickly learn that Aman is unique in yet another light. She’s accessible to all. In fact, she has a five-week phone group beginning in February.

And unlike many therapists, she doesn’t root her entire practice in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). She uses something called narrative therapy in an effort to keep the beast of anxiety clear of your life.

“I don’t let the anxiety come in the first place,” she tells me. “There are some times I work with people and they stay anxious — but they’re clear that they’re unwilling to waiver.”

The moral of the story is that we CAN beat this thing. Thank you, Jodi Aman, for giving us hope. You’re a definite game changer. Let’s all give her a round of applause.

(If you haven’t read Aman’s book, you really should. It WILL change your life.)

-Anxiety Girl


To learn more about Jodi Aman, her book, or her February phone group, visit her website at: jodiaman.com   And put January 19th on your calendar. The e-book version of You 1, Anxiety 0 will be available at no charge on Amazon. Who doesn’t love a freebie?



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