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The 5 Keys to Building an Emotional Gold Mine

Have you ever panned for gold?

If you have, you know it’s a thorough process.  Finding gold isn’t easy. In fact, it’s usually the exact opposite.

You see, panning for gold takes hard work and dedication. You’ve got to plan your strategy and sift through frustrating rock and debris before you get to the good stuff.

In truth, building an emotional gold mine works much the same way. It takes time, patience, and an absolute desire to overcome any obstacles that life throws your way.

In building my emotional gold mine, I’ve found five key steps that never fail me in my mission. Take a look at these life-changing strategies. As always, take what you like and leave the rest.

  1. Find a guide.

You wouldn’t know where to look for gold without the advice of a guide who’s already navigated the waters. It’s like stumbling around in the dark with no headlamp. You’ll never find your way.

This is why you need to find a guide.

Everyone’s guide is different. Mine is God, but yours could be a therapist, trusted best friend, or even another person who has struggled with anxiety. The point is that you need someone to act as a sounding board and offer trusted advice.

2. Set concrete goals.

When it comes to goals, we know that achievement takes hard work and dedication. However, we often fail to realize that managing our emotions requires goal setting too.

What goals can you set to pave the way to an emotional gold mine? Would this be this to expand your support network? Join a church or spiritual group?  Get up at an earlier hour instead of wallowing in bed with anxiety?

3. Allow life’s setbacks to make you stronger.

Setbacks are frustrating. I recently shared the story of the loss I’m facing due to a recent breakup. At first, I allowed this setback to consume me.

No bueno. (That’s Spanish for no good.)

I’m nowhere near over the heartbreak. However, I know that the key to continuing to build my emotional gold mine lies in strength. In short, I’ve got to use this setback to make me stronger.

What setbacks are restricting you from growing? And how can you use these setbacks to make you stronger?

4. Focus on gratitude.

The roller coaster of anxiety can be overwhelming. Life seems insurmountable, which can make for a giant pity party.

This is where gratitude comes into play. By focusing on the good things in life, anxiety loses power. It’s one of the most important truths in anxiety management itself.

How can you shift your focus to an attitude of gratitude? (Hint: You can start by creating a daily gratitude journal. All it takes is five minutes in the morning. In no time, you’ll notice all of the little miracles that life has to offer.)

5. Never give up. 

Most worthwhile projects don’t happen overnight. Sure, building a healthy sense of well-being can be tough. But it is possible.

Don’t give anxiety power by giving up. Today might seem awful; but tomorrow just might be the best day of your life. So make it a habit to persevere.

The Takeaway:

You can — and will — build your own emotional gold mine. However, you’ve got to make an effort to carve out each section of the pie. It’s like training for a marathon…each and every step plays a part in the final journey.

Give these five simple steps a try. And let me know what you learn. If I can do it, you can too!!!

-Anxiety Girl




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