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Are You In Control of Your “Happy Meter?” (You’ll Want to Read This.)

Are you in control of your “happy meter?” You should be.

Here in Illinois, it’s a rainy Friday afternoon. Really, this is one of those days that could feel endlessly gloomy. (The keyword here is “could.”)

On a quick stop at the gas station, I couldn’t help but notice how down everyone looks. It’s as if the weather dictates how good — or bad — we feel. As a result, happiness takes a back seat to a few simple raindrops.

If this sounds like something that would get you down, you’re definitely not alone. We all struggle with life’s little inconveniences.

But why?

The truth of the matter is that it’s easy to measure worth and happiness based on what’s going on around us.  It really is.

If the weather is crappy, we feel crappy too. If someone isn’t kind, we take it personally. And if things don’t go our way, we internalize negativity.

The thing is that life like an hourglass. We can look at it from a “glass is half full” or a “glass is half empty” point of view.

Yes, rain can feel gloomy. So can anxiety.  (Are you getting the metaphor here?) However, we have a choice in how we react to these situations.

Enter the happy meter.

We’ve all got a happy meter. That said, we have to set it appropriately.

In most cases, how we feel is a choice. We can choose to let weather, negativity, or any other annoyance bring us down.

Or we can choose to take the high road and set our happiness meter at the highest possible level. It’s a distinct decision in how we view life as a whole.

Yes, it might be rainy. But there are a lot of other great aspects in the day.

When feelings like these take hold, make an effort to refocus on the positives of your day. What went right?

Was the cashier at your favorite coffee shop friendly? (If not, it might be time to find a different Java stop.) Was traffic on your morning commute surprisingly light? Did your neighbor take the time to say hello?

There are lots of good things in your day. And if your happiness meter is on full blast, you’ll notice these little gifts.

Don’t let life dictate how you feel. Take charge and create your own destiny. The good is present.


Just food for thought. And hey-the sun just came out. You see?

-Anxiety Girl





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